Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Discoveries

Not much to report in the past week. It has mostly been cold, so we've been staying in and haven't met with our playgroup in a while. The kids get tired of being in the house all day, but I hate to take them out to get sick. It is sad when our big outing is to drive to get the mail down the road!

The kids have made some new discoveries while being stuck in the house the past week or so though. Andrew is growing and although he still won't crawl, he is scooting places. He will end up on the other side of the room somehow, not on purpose. He likes to try and pull up now on toys and on the coffee table in the playroom. He worries me that he may end up with a Lillian head scar as well.

Lillian discovered mom and dad's big bath tub this week. Andrew was in bed and Brandon wasn't feeling well, so I decided to put her in my bath so she could play while I showered and could watch her. She loved it! She was so excited when the tub filled with bubbles and when I turned on the whirlpool jets! She had a big ole time!

In other news, Brandon took Lillian to get her stitches out this morning and she did okay, but this afternoon, she ran into a door knob and we had more blood! Go figure. We put on a bandaid and hopefully it will be okay.

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