Saturday, December 20, 2008

Playhouse Disney Live

I anxiously loaded a screaming Lillian into my friend, Irene's van yesterday afternoon. I think she was scared I was leaving her with them since she hasn't ridden in their car before. As some of you know, Brandon and I took Lillian to Playhouse Disney Live last year and it was a disaster. She was just at the wrong age and fussed the whole time. I was a little worried if she was even ready this year.

Well, we got there and she immediately was looking at all the set-ups in the lobby area telling me, "Einsteins, Manny, Mouse!" She was excited. We finally got to our seats and as the lights went out and the girl came out on stage, she just let out an "ohhhhh!" and she didn't take her eyes off the stage. She sat in my lap and would say the names of all the characters to me. It was so sweet! She really enjoyed it. Of course, I got her a souvenior...something she wanted last year, but we just got a tshirt last time. It is a light-up wand and she has been carrying it around all day. I'm glad I went ahead and took her. We didn't bring our camera because last year they searched bags and wouldn't allow them in, but this year, they didn't do that and my friend, Lauren took a picture of us there.
As we left, she was saying by to Mickey and Pooh! It was too cute. She had a great time! Her friend Natalie, that we rode with was in tears because it was over. Oh, to be 2 again! How exciting!

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Jessica said...

I'm glad to hear that this year it went better than last year. I can imagine that she was pretty excited to see her favorite characters on stage. That is a great picture of you, by the way!