Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekend in Rotan

We drove out west to my sister, Katy's house in Rotan, Texas this weekend. We haven't been out there since June, so it has been a while. Brandon hadn't been to Katy's new house yet either, so he got to see it.

We had a really good time hanging out with Katy and Clay. Clay made some good food and we helped Katy decorate her new Christmas tree. Then we all loaded up and went to the neighboring town of Roby for their Christmas parade. Katy's neighbors had a float they were putting in the parade, so they asked the kids to join in on the float, so my kids along with Brandon and Clay rode in the Roby parade! Katy and I enjoyed the kidless moment and got hot cocoa and a funnel cake while we waited for it to begin and then cheered them on as they passed. Lillian had a ball waving at people, but Andrew saw me and started crying! Poor boy! It was very chilly too, but a fun time!

So begins the Christmas festivities! More to come tomorrow as St. Nick comes to see us tonight!

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