Thursday, December 16, 2010

Preschool Christmas

The kids had their Christmas parties at school today. Andrew enjoyed the yummy food...I think he ate all the grapes in the whole party tray for the class! Then openned up his book exchange present and his gift from his teacher. He was very excited to come home and show his daddy all his goodies!

Lillian's class exchanged books first and then went outside to hit a pinata! Each student had their turn hitting it. Her teacher waited for Lillian and a boy named Isaac to go last since she knew they would hit the hardest. It was cute to watch. The first 5 kids hit the pinata, but nothing happened, but when Lillian and Isaac got their turns, there were finally dents and the pinata was swinging around from the branch of the tree. Then finally, Lillian's teacher's assistant hit it open for them to collect the goodies.

Both kids had a great time and I know will miss preschool until it starts back in January!

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