Monday, December 27, 2010

2nd OB Visit

***I'll post about Christmas soon, but need to go through the pictures!****

We drove back in to Round Rock at almost 8 last night from Alto for Christmas and had to get up this morning to be at my doctor's appointment down in Austin at 8:30. I'm very happy that we had no traffic with it being the Monday after Christmas and that the kids were surprisingly easy to dress and get in the car. They were excited when I told them they were going to see Daddy at work. They have never been there. Brandon said he would watch the kids for an hour there while I went to my appointment. So I dropped them off with him and went across the street to my doctor.

I have to also say, I LOVED being one of the first appointments of the day. There was no wait! I went right in and got everything done so quickly! That was the quickest I've ever been in there and this was supposed to be a long appointment! The doctor was going to try and listen for the heartbeat and was so pleased that as soon as she placed the doppler on my belly, it was there! She said that that doppler was usually more difficult to find too, so that was really good! Then we did a quick ultrasound and saw him or her. Looking good! It was so cute to see it bounce as soon as the wand was on my belly. And it also had it's arm up with it's hand on its head. I also asked my doctor about when the c-section would most likely be and she looked at the calendar and it would probably be July 12th since 39 weeks falls on a Sunday and then Monday, the 11th is one of her own childrens' birthdays and she always takes off that day.

I left and met Brandon with the kids and they had been exploring. They walked down to a park down the road and ran around with daddy. I'm glad they all survived! Next appointment, they should be in school again...January 27th.

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