Sunday, December 19, 2010

Congratulations, Aunt Tory!

Katy, myself, and both kids left Round Rock around 6:15 Saturday morning to head to the big city of Huntsville, Tx. The drive wasn't so bad besides being up so early. The kids did very well for the amount of sleep that they got. We stopped a little over half-way and got them dressed and got some snacks and then arrived in Huntsville around 9:30.

My sister, Tory graduated at 10 from Sam Houston State University. We are very proud of her! Lillian was super excited when she finally saw Tory walking off the stage since she couldn't place her among all the graduates down there. She was jumping up and down and smiling so big. Andrew had trouble sitting still, but eventually passed out on Katy towards the end of the ceremony.

We met up with her outside the colliseum afterwards and took pictures. Andrew was still out until right after pictures.

Then we all ate at Margarita's Mexican restaurant to celebrate. We laughed and visited with family from both sides before we drove back to Round Rock. Congratulations, Aunt Tory! We love you!

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