Friday, December 31, 2010

Getting home and Getting organized

Each year after Christmas, it is a job trying to figure out where the new toys will go! I'm so happy that this year Jamie and Dad got Lillian a big storage unit from Target with the fabric bins! She needed it for all her Barbie stuff she is aquiring. She is very like her mother with Barbies! I think I played with them until I was 13.

So when we got back, after my doctor's appointment on Monday, I began getting that put together and organizing it all. The shelf works perfectly! And I moved the smaller shelf Lillian had in her room to Andrew's room for his books which had previously been in a drawer and hard to go through.

***On a side note, I wanted to include a couple of pictures of the kids enjoying their new toys they didn't get to open in Alto...Lillian absolutely couldn't wait for me to put together her Barbie Palace, so that was done first before I put the shelf together. Here she is already playing with it. And Andrew was so excited about his Matchbox carwash from Dad and Jamie. It is a daily played with toy here so far! He loves the way it squirts water on the cars!

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