Monday, October 4, 2010

An October Weekend Fun

We had a great weekend! I drove the kids down to Alto on Thursday afternoon/evening when they got out of preschool and we got to spend the evening visiting with Grandma Teddy. The beautiful fall weather has arrived and we enjoyed spending time outside hanging out together. Then Friday afternoon, Tory came in as well and Mom grilled, so we had more togetherness. My friend, Adria also came by for a while to catch up.

The kids always love getting all the attention from their aunts and from Grandma Teddy. I think Mom and Tory both read them the same books over and over again quite a few times.

Then Saturday morning, we drove over to Huntsville to the Fair on the Square. Lillian had been excited about this all week. As we were walking around, she would loudly say, "Mom! I LOVE the fair!" Besides the yummy not so good for you food, I got them some crafty necklaces with their names on them and Grandma bought Lillian a dress and Andrew a Toy Story blanket. They were very excited about both. Andrew has been sleeping with that blanket since then and Lillian wants to wear her new Halloween dress everyday! If you live somewhere close to Huntsville, you need to check out this fair next year! It is really big with all kinds of crafts and things to buy!

After driving home from the fair, we went up to Rusk to visit Grandpa JD and Jamie. Dad grilled sausage, burgers, and hotdogs and also made french fries and Jamie had made queso dip, so we were all very stuffed by the time we left. The kids wore themselves out running around outside there. Both loved all the food and hanging out eating outside with us.

It was an awesome fall weekend for all activities and I'm glad we got to enjoy it with family. We get to see everyone again in several weeks after Lillian's birthday and we are looking forward to it!

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