Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 Years Old!

Where did 4 years go!? It seems like only last week I had this tiny baby girl that totally turned my life upside down and now she is a curious bright little girl!

Lillian Claire Koenning entered this world on Friday, October 20, 2006. She was about 3 weeks early and a tiny 6 lbs 4 oz. She even wore premie diapers! She was so long and skinny! She was a drama queen from birth noticed especially by her daddy! She would hold her hands to her face and scream like "Home Alone" at only a week old.
Brandon and I had lots to learn when it came to a baby joining our family! And throughout the toughness of the first couple of months, we managed to survive and become actual parents! She was the teacher and we were her students.

Lillian definitely is a daddy's girl! She has always loved to snuggle with Brandon! And I can definitely tell when he has had to work lots of shifts where the kids don't get to see him much. She is more moody and grumpy. She has to have her daddy time! From laying on him to watch tv, to read books, or to run around throwing balls, that is her happiest times!

I think I blinked and she was a year old and a busy toddler! Lillian loved...and still loves to dance. She loves exploring outside and spending time with all of her family. She has always enjoyed the spotlight and getting spoiled by all her aunts and Grandparents!

Then at 16 months, she became a sweet and adoring big sister! I think she was a little jealous of Andrew of course, but she loved to look at the new baby and plus it brought all of the family around to play with her! She has become an awesome big sister though. Sure they fight, but they are also best friends and I don't think Andrew knows what to do without her around. She is the first to go hug Andrew and tell him it is okay when he is upset. And I know as they grow up they will always be there for each other.

My baby girl is growing and growing and I love her more each day. It does bring tears to my eyes sometimes to look at her sleeping and just look at her face and see that baby she used to be. She may have her pouty and fussy moments and days, but the rest of the time makes up for it. I'm enjoying so much watching her mature into a little person with a definite personality and sense of humor. She loves to talk to me now and tell me all about what she is thinking. I'm amazed by her memory at such a young age as well! She tells me about an item and remembers over a year ago when she got it and who was there! She makes me laugh often and helps me from time to time.

I'm so lucky that God chose us as parents to this sweet girl! We love you Lillian! Happy 4th Birthday!

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