Thursday, October 28, 2010

Harmony Hill Halloween 2010

Andrew and Lillian hs their parties and costume parades at Harmony Hill Preschool this morning. It is so fun each year seeing them all dressed up with their friends. This is my 3rd year to see it all, but Andrew's first time.

The kids were so excited this morning that they couldn't wait to get to school.

Here is Lillian come out for the parade...she ran out all excited!

Tyler, Andrew's buddy and our neighbor as Mickey Mouse with Andrew

Lillian with her class...I loved her friend Kynlee's Cindy Lou Who costume!

Andrew's class with Mrs. Char
Lillian in her class with a cupcake
Andrew eating at his party...I spent most of my time with him because when I left to check on Lillian, he cried, so I came back and hung out at his party.
He was very happy to decorate his pumpkin!

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