Sunday, October 17, 2010

Catching up with Cousins

My cousin David, his wife Christine, and son Caleb are moving to California. They are already out of their Houston house and David is already there, but Christine and Caleb have been visiting with family in Texas for a couple of weeks before heading out to their new place.

When I heard that they were in Waco visiting Christine's sister, I asked if we could come up and visit since it is only a little over an hour away.

So we drove up this afternoon and visited with them and Christine's sister, Beth, her husband, and son Aidan. The kids had a ball playing with Aidan's millions of toys. And us adults got to catch up. Then we drove over to Sonic and the kids played on the playground after we all ate dinner. They were all very impressed with the toy, a pair of silly glasses. Here they all are in them:

We are going to miss our cousins all the way in California, but were glad to get to visit with them before they left and will definitely try to get together with them when they are in Texas again visiting! :)

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