Saturday, July 3, 2010

Swimming Kids

We enrolled the kids in swimming lessons this summer through the city of Round Rock. I had done the Mommy and me class with Lillian through them back when Lillian was 7 months old, but have skipped the past couple of summers having them both at an age where I needed to be in the pool with them.

So this year, Lillian was old enough for the preschool class and she really enjoyed it! She loves being a part of a class and doing all the activities. I could see her from over where I was doing Andrew's class and she was smiling and having fun the whole time. I'm deciding whether or not to enroll her now in the advanced preschool class where they do a little more with them and teach them a few actual strokes. We'll see.

Andrew is my little scardy cat. The first 2 days of class, he had claws into my shoulders so scared of it! But by the 3 day, he was kicking and loving it. I'm so glad we took this class. Even if he didn't learn much, he at least got more used to the water and isn't so scared anymore.

The class got cancelled one day due to rain, so it was supposed to be made up on Friday, but Friday had rain again, so it got moved to today (Saturday). It actually worked to our advantage because Brandon worked yesterday, so today he was off and could come take some pictures of the last day of class. And I don't think people realized class would be today since it was cancelled yesterday, so in Lillian's class that usually had about 12 kids, there were only 3 including her and only Andrew and one little girl in our class, so we almost had the pool to ourselves!

Lillian kicking on the boogie board with her teacher.

Andrew kicking to the boat

Lillian's class

Kicking Andrew

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