Sunday, July 11, 2010

Growing and Moving Up

The kids are growing and growing and because Andrew can be a bit destructive, (We call him Terminator.), we decided to get Lillian a big kid booster for the car.

A couple of weeks back, Andrew was pull on the backing cloth of his carseat and pulled it loose and broke the styrofoam out of it on one side, so I figured it probably wasn't that safe anymore. There wasn't really a way to fix it. That carseat was Lillian's before he got big enough to move out of the babyseat, so it at least served us a good 3 years.

So, we found a nice pink booster seat for Lillian today and she was very excited. She keeps saying, "I love my new seat!" Even when we went in the gym, she was stopping everyone to tell them that she got a new seat! And I figured with how much cheaper booster seats are, I could get her a pink one just for her and will get Andrew his own eventually. He got handed down Lillian's old carseat.

So here are my big kids in the car!

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