Monday, July 19, 2010

Crystal Beach

We had our summer vacation this past week in Crystal Beach with Dad, Jamie, Katy, & Clay. We all rented a house on the beach and enjoyed the sand,sun, and water. The kids loved the beach. They were in and out of the water all the time and loved playing with all their beach toys.

We also enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner at Stingerees restaurant besides all the good cooking at the house.

We also made a couple of journeys on the ferry over to Galveston. We saw the dolphins jumping and the kids became pros of riding the ferry. While over there, we checked out the giftshops and went to the Aquarium at Moody Gardens.

My friend Kristi, came to visit for the day on Saturday since she lives in Houston and I haven't seen her since she came to see me last summer. It was nice to catch up and visit and Lillian really loved playing in the sand with her.

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