Monday, June 28, 2010

A Playgroup Zoo Trip

Our little playgroup took our first adventure today. We drove up to Waco to the Cameron Park Zoo. The other 2 moms and kids hadn't been there, but we had taken mine back in December. But they have gotten older and it was a new experience at least. It was us, plus my friend/next-door neighbor Karen with her 2 kids, Tyler (2 and a half) and Audrey (9 months) and my friend Irene with her two daughters Natalie (4) and Izzie (2 and a half).

We had our row of double strollers coming through each exhibit. It was fun to see the kids' reactions to all the animals and also how when they got hot and tired how quickly they were just ready to go! It was definitely and experience to remember.

Afterwards, we found a picnic table outside and ate our lunches we brought with us before the drive home. My car got quiet for a while as mine and Karen's kids passed out, except for her son, Tyler. But as we got back in to Round Rock, they were all up and ready to party again.

This is when the momma's need a nap!

Our journey begins...everyone in their strollers
Me and my kids
All the kids around the Gorilla statue
Lined up on the picnic tables
Audrey and Lillian (twinkies for the day)

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