Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here I Go Again

This is definitely my least favorite parenting job thusfar, Potty Training! Yuck!

Cleaning up pee-pee slashes from the potty, poopy underwear, and all the stress of watching and making sure they go and asking 10 million times a day if they need to.

Andrew is finally at that point. He has seemed ready for a while, but very unwilling. I was going to start in August....which is next week, but the oportunity arose when he refused to let me put on his diaper the other day, so I just left it off and we started this task. Tuesday night, I had him sit while watching tv on his potty seat and he finally went an hour or so later. So yesterday, we started going bare-bottomed and he went in the afternoon after I sat with him like the night before and then he started going on his own when he needed to by the evening. Today he has done really well...besides pooping, he has been going to the potty on his own all afternoon.

Now I've started with the underwear to see if he will tell me and take them off to go. We will see! Oh the fun! Not! But oh, how nice it will be to not change anymore diapers for a while though!!!

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Wendy said...

Good luck! It was so stressful with Noah and I hear boys are way more stubborn about potty training than girls! I am just grateful that Noah is trained before the twins arrive!