Sunday, May 30, 2010

Merry Christmas, Brandon!

Brandon got a basketball goal from Dad and Jamie for Christmas and it has been still sitting in the box in the garage since then. We were waiting on it to warm up and then time got away from us with lots of other things going on. So I finally talked him into getting out yesterday morning and putting it together while we had Molly here to help watch the kids and help put it together. I'm glad we did because there were a few steps that we needed her to help hold something while Brandon was tightening bolts.

I think Brandon is really going to enjoy having it and being able to get out in the evening and work of some steam after work. We hung out with our neighbors yesterday, so they guys got to test out the goal for the first time yesterday evening. I took a few pictures of Brandon finally playing with his Christmas toy...thanks again Dad and Jamie!

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