Monday, May 17, 2010

Alto Visit

We hadn't made it to Alto since Christmas, so we were due for a visit. Brandon was working all weekend, so it was a good time to take the kids for a visit since we would have just been home by ourselves otherwise.

The kids had a blast at my Mom's. She bought them a little octopus sprinkler from the dollar store and it was great. They ran in and out of that water and played and played. They are definitely ready for the summer water fun.

Then we drove over to Grapeland to the Animal Safari drive-thru and they enjoyed seeing all the animals. They weren't as scared as they were at the one in New Braunfels and there were a few different kinds of animals than we saw at the other place. It was a fun outing and not a long drive.

Then on Sunday, we drove up to Dad and Jamie's to visit and the kids would have loved to just run around and explore the yard and the barn, but we finally convinced them to come in and we went up to Jacksonville and ate at Chilis. They both ate well and then took some decent naps on the way home.

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jamie for the fun this weekend.

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