Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Birthday Gift

Right about 2 years ago, our living room tv died. I remember like it was yesterday because it wasn't fun at all. I was getting home from the gym with Lillian around 18 months and Andrew, an infant and Andrew was desperate for his bottle and Lillian was screaming wanting to watch tv, so I run in the house to turn on the tv so I can get her settled so I could sit and give Andrew his bottle only to find out it wouldn't come on! It was a nightmare.

Anyway, our next biggest tv was the 32 inch we had in our bedroom. It wasn't even a year old at the time and we got it through points from a credit card. So, down it went to the living room and it has been there since. It is a great tv, but still a little smaller than we wanted for the living room and I really missed having it in our bedroom. (We moved a 20 inch to the bedroom and it was hard to see the menu from our bed.)

So I decided for my birthday this year, since I saved a couple of Target giftcards I got for Christmas, I would ask others to give me more Target cards so I could combine them to get us a new tv. Of course it didn't cover it all, but most of it.

I got a Philips 42 inch LCD tv and it looks great. We just need to get the HDMI cord now to get our HD going. I especially love the new flat panel tvs because our old one stuck so far out from the wall and now with this tv, I could scoot the tv stand all the way back to the wall and we gain more walking room and floor space in the living room now. The size turned out perfect too. It goes from the edge of our shelfing units to the other edge, so it doesn't cover them up.

Thanks everyone for my big birthday gift! We'll really enjoy it!

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Katy Cade said...

That looks awesome!!