Wednesday, September 2, 2009

No, We Don't Beat Our Child!

Having a boy has shown us a whole new perspective on toddlers! Lillian has had her fair share of accidents, but Andrew is taking the cake. He climbs and runs into everything! The poor child fell off of the table attached to our sandbox and got a big bruise on his cheek on Sunday, touched the grill before we could catch him on Monday and burned his arm, and then yesterday he climbed up after sister onto our playscape in the backyard and fell and got a black eye! I know what people must be thinking when they see me with this kid! No, we haven't been beating him, he is beating up himself! I may need to get him some heavier shoes or something to keep him on the ground.
***Update---Just when I thought today he wouldn't have any accidents, Andrew ran into the swing while I was pushing Lillian and got a bloody nose! Maybe he needs one of those football helmets to wear all the time!


Katy Cade said...

Quit hurting my Andrew!

Crim said...

Bless his heart. We have accident prone kids as well and look beat up as well :)