Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Pictures Taken

I guess it is just part of life as a mom. We want those cute pictures of our kids to show off and keep in our albums for years to come. Those first pictures of your children are so easy! They are just babies that sleep or smile just because they see your face.

Then all of a sudden overnight, they become toddlers and then as a mom, you can say, "Goodbye easy picture days!" They cry, throw fits, and refuse to sit anywhere near a camera. We discovered this last fall when we tried to take our first family picture with both kids. We got all dressed nice and Brandon and I sat with Andrew ready to take the picture when Lillian takes off running out of the portrait studio into JC Penney somewhere. Brandon had to chase her down, but there were no pictures to be taken that day.

This fall, I decided I would take some pictures of Andrew since he hasn't had any made in a year and Lillian would be taking pictures at school in a month or so. I also thought, maybe Brandon could bring Lillian and I could try and get some pictures of Lillian and Andrew together at least. Well, Brandon decided last minute that he wanted to attempt family pictures again, so we all dressed for that and went in yesterday morning.

To my surprise we actually got a few family pictures that were decent. Lillian kept trying to get away, but after bribery, we got her to stand with Brandon and smile even a few times. Andrew got fussy, but made it. Of course in the 2 pictures that were best, one or the other child is not smiling! Must be a curse or something since I have heard this tale from other mothers.

Then we tried having their pictures taken together. Lillian would sit, but Andrew screamed every time I put him down. So much for sibling photos. Then I could totally forget about Andrew having his picture taken alone. So I'm taking him back on Monday. Hopefully for a better experience!

So, our picture taking days are done for this year. We'll see what next year holds....older toddlers...Yikes!


Mrs. Smith said...

Oh how cute! Your two little ones.. I am sorry that it was so much work just trying to take their picture. But they go through that stage. But it will get better as they get older. Mine dont really like taking any pictures. i have to have the camera in my hand at all times. but some kids are diffrent.
Mrs. Sassy Pants!

Crim said...

Those pics are cute!!