Sunday, September 6, 2009

And So It Begins Again....

The Koennings are back in San Marcos on many Saturdays for the next few months as Texas State begins another great football season. We have had season tickets for quite a few years now and really enjoy it. The kids have fun as well.

It is funny sometimes to me that my husband graduated from UT, but is so into Bobcat football. He really hates how much UT is so commercialized and likes the more unified feeling at Texas State games. Most of the people at Texas State games actual went to school there or are students right now. Plus there is a great togetherness with everyone rooting for our team and trying to get us moved up into Division I. It is so awesome just to see in the past couple of years how much attendance has risen and the amazing renovations to Bobcat Stadium. If you haven't seen them, google Texas State football stadium renovations and you'll see. It is a huge change from when I was in school. Not to mention the outrageous prices for UT football tickets. Don't get me wrong, Brandon still loves his Longhorns, but if they are playing while we are at a Bobcat game, he just waits to hear the score until later. I know a couple of my friends didn't even know Brandon was a Texas Ex and assumed he went to Tx State since they know we go to all the games.

The opening game was lots of fun yesterday. The kids were just amazed when we came in and just sat on our laps most of the first quarter taking in everything. Lillian loved pointing out the mascot, Boko and watching the guy run the flag after touchdowns. Andrew would just smile and clap when he saw others doing it. It was so cute! The cutest thing was when out of nowhere, Lillian just stood up and yelled "Go Bobcats!" All the people around us just turned around and were giggling at her. I was surprised she said that without one of us telling her to do so. The kids also loved the band and Lillian tried to kick her legs up with the Strutters. Then after the game, they had a fireworks show to celebrate the opening game and stadium renovation. Lillian saw fireworks on the 4th of July, but didn't have a good view and was so tired. This time, she was just in awe! She stood so still and just watched and kept yelling, "Fireworks!" She did get scared at the end though when they let a bunch go together and yelled "Help" and jumped into Tory's arms. Looks like we have a fun football season to look forward to.

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