Thursday, August 27, 2009

Taking Care of Grandma Teddy

We took off Saturday morning to Alto to spend some time with Grandma Teddy and help her out after her surgery last week. She is recovering well, but still healing and is not able to do much work around her house. Brandon cooked for us all over the weekend and then he had to come back to work. The kids and I stayed through Wednesday afternoon so I could help with other things. I got her bathrooms good and clean, sheets washed, and vacuumed and dusted. That will help her make it a while until she is able to do more. I also drove her to her doctor's appointment on Tuesday. She got her drain tube out, which was a relief. She was very uncomfortable with that thing. But she still has to go back next Tuesday to get the rest of her staples out and to meet with the oncologist. From there she will know when she can have the other breast removed and her reconstruction done.

The kids enjoyed their visit to Grandma's house. She has some old toys they love and they also got to visit a little with Mamaw and Papaw and Tory. Lillian was amazed to see that pears grow on trees and she and Andrew ate a few. Brandon made us a pear pie as well and it was delicious!

It is really nice to be a stay at home mom and be able to go when we can to visit and help Grandma out. Hopefully we'll be able to do the same after the next round of surgeries. Keep praying as well that she doesn't have to do chemo or radiation!

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Ashley said...

I will keep praying for your mom. I am sure she is happy you guys could stay with her and help her out.