Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tx State Bobcats beat TX Southern

We traveled to San Marcos on Saturday evening for our 2nd Bobcat football game this season. They played Tx Southern and we ended up winning pretty big. The highlight of the game was definitely the awesome Tx Southern band. They played a medley of Michael Jackson songs and had someone dressed up like him dancing. The drumline jammed out and the whole band danced the Thriller dance! Andrew loved it especially! He was jumping off of my lap dancing to the music. He really enjoyed being there this time and played and was so happy seeing everything. Lillian on the other hand, wanted to sleep by the 2nd quarter. She kept laying on Tory singing herself an lullaby she made up "Treetops, baby Lillian, rockaby." Ha ha! She ended up laying on the bleachers after half-time and sleeping the rest of the game!

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