Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trip to Alto

Our busy weekend ended this way....5 minutes after pulling away from Grandma's house!
We drove down to Alto this weekend to visit my mom and for me to hostess at Amy's baby shower. Amy is my sister Katy's best friend growing up. Katy wasn't able to come in for the shower due to work commitments, so I wanted to make sure and come and help out. With Amy being her best friend, she was like another little sister to me. She was at our house all the time and we all hung out together. It was a really nice shower and Amy got some great stuff for baby Clayton. I know she is ready for him to come and for the heat to go away!

Besides the shower, we visited with my mom and Tory. The kids love seeing the horses at the Rose's house next door, so we paid them a visit. The kids also had a lot of fun just playing at Grandma's house. Andrew also ate at the little kid table for the first time. He thought he was so big! Here are some pictures:

Oh, and a random halloween wig we found in the closet! Little rocker Andrew!

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