Friday, August 21, 2009

She's Growing Up! (tear, tear)

Lillian started preschool on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9-1 last June. She has loved it and all her friends she has made there. She has been especially attached to her teacher, Mrs. Paula. She goes in each morning and just hugs onto her. Well, after a summer, a school year, and another summer, today it all came to an end. It was her last day in Mrs. Paula's class. She will be moving up after their break next week to her new class. I'll update you more on that when it happens, but wanted to share some pictures I took of them today when I picked Lillian up from school. We will definitely miss Mrs. Paula. She is a great teacher and Lillian adores her!

Here are some pictures of her with Jorden, Mrs. Paula's daughter. She helps during the summer and Lillian loves her! Then Lillian and Quinn. Quinn and Lillian weren't in the same class for the summer, but will be in the fall. Their birthdays are only about a week apart and if we and they stay put in our houses, they will be in Kindergarten together eventually.

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VictoriaNoelle said...

Omg...I love Quinn's shirt. :-)