Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sick People

Andrew came down with some sort of stomach bug last night. He threw up in his bed several times. I then ran out of sheets and had to put him in his pack'n play. He was acting fine this morning. He ate his breakfast and drank his milk and was happy and playful, so I figured it must have just been something he ate yesterday. Well, no such luck! I was tapped on the shoulder at the gym to come to the daycare where Andrew had thrown up there. I felt so bad for them. Then after scooping up my puke covered child and putting him in the carseat, we had turned the corner down the street before he puked again all over himself and his carseat! Yuck!

Oh, and the lady at the gym said one of the workers from there went home yesterday with a stomach bug, so I bet he caught it from there.

So, I got him hosed down and bathed and down for a nap and then just spent forever cleaning his carseat. By the way, does anyone have a special trick I don't know of for cleaning a carseat straps? You can't take them out and it is so horrible trying to scrub off the stuck-on vomit! Please let me know if you know!

Brandon called when I was bathing Andrew to say he was coming home early because he also feels nauseous. So he is picking up Lillian since I only have one carseat in the car right now and can't take Andrew. Then he is headed home so my sick boys will be here together.

Please say a little prayer that Lillian and I don't catch whatever this is. I'm trying to clean as I go to keep the germs to a minimum...I guess we'll see.


VictoriaNoelle said...

Yuck. I bet it is like last year when we all came and caught stuff...woohoo for Andrew's birthday party. lol

Beccalynn81 said...

I'm cleaning like crazy so hopefully no one else gets it. So far, it is just Brandon and Andrew. My house smells like lysol now. Hopefully ya'll won't be exposed. I still have the weekend to clean more and during the week next week. When are you coming down?

VictoriaNoelle said...

I was thinking Friday. I don't think I have to work on that day and I get out of class at 11. I do think I have to work that Sunday night though.