Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Baby Boy is 1 Year Old Today!

I can remember a year ago last night around 10:00 the contractions beginning and us hurrying around to put stuff in the car and figuring out how to get Lillian to her daycare teacher. After we met them at the Whataburger parking lot and handed Lillian over, we took off for the hospital. We arrived and I was hooked up for them to monitor my contractions. Once it was established that I was indeed in labor, I was to stay overnight to see if I would progress. When my doctor got in at 6 a.m., I was started on pitocin. Those contractions got really horrendous after that. After a couple of hours of wanting to die, I was given my epidural and was in heaven. But to my dismay, I wouldn't dialate past a 4. Because of the horrible ordeal I had with Lillian, I didn't want to wait all day and be exhausted only to end up with a c-section in the end again, so at about 2:00 we decided to just proceed with the c-section. I went in around 4:00 and he was born at 4:09 p.m. It was amazing to see my little boy for the first time and hold him when I reached recovery. He was just precious and perfect. Now, a year later, I'm still looking at my sweet angel just growing and getting more wonderful each day. Watch below as he grows before your eyes!

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