Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andrew's 1st Haircut and Lillian's 2nd!

We decided it was time for Andrew's first haircut. It has been a long time coming with his hair constantly in his eyes and us having to comb it to the side. I just hated to do it before his first birthday because I thought he wouldn't look like as much of a baby afterwards, so since his party is over at least and Brandon was off work today to help, we took both kids. Lillian has only had one haircut...last January! So she didn't remember that either. She threw a big fit in the chair, but the place is great and they keep them entertained while they cut their hair. She was blowing bubbles and looking at a book. The cuts turned out great...here are some pictures.
Andrew was scared at first. Lillian blowing bubbles

Lillian in the car afterwards and Andrew at home afterwards

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