Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Sad Farewell

We just found out our good friends Jessica and her daughter Brynn along with their husband were moving to Utah last week. It was a quick decision after accepting a job in Houston, but then being offered a job in his brother's company in Utah that would mean being closer to their families. I'm very happy for them to finally be closer to family. They do not get to see them very often living in Texas, so now Brynn will grow up closer to cousins and grandparents.

It is just too hard to say goodbye though. Brynn was Lillian's first real friend that we get together and play with on a regular basis. We met when Lillian was 7 months old and Brynn was just about to turn 1 at the City of Round Rock mommy and me swimming lessons. Shortly afterwards, we started meeting at the park to walk pushing our strollers and sometimes screaming baby girls while we would visit. That turned into playdates once a week at each other's houses.

Jessica is a super friend. She is always there to lend an ear with advice to spare. She has helped me out on a number of occasions like when I had just gotten home from the hospital having Andrew and wasn't allowed to drive yet. She and Brynn took me to Andrew's doctor's appointment. I was so glad to have her there. She is also about the best cook I know. I've sampled some of her delicious baking! I'm just going to miss our visits so much! We'll definitely be emailing often and checking each other's blogs.

What can I say about Miss Brynn! She is just one beautiful ball of energy! She is just going like the energizer bunny everytime I see her. She and Lillian are two peas in a pod and seem to just click with each other. Lillian got to the point the past couple of months that if I said we were going to the park, she would say, "Brynn???" She wanted her buddy there. She was the first nonfamily member that I heard her say the name of. Lillian is going to miss her little buddy dearly. Maybe we can set them up as email or penpals when they get a little older?

Of course I had to be the one that starts crying saying goodbye while Jessica is so strong and together like always! I really don't know how she is so organized and composed trying to move in that short amount of time. I just couldn't help it though. We will miss you gals so much! Please stay and touch and visit when you can!

I'll leave ya'll with some pictures of Lillian and Brynn through the past year and a half:

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Jessica said...

Oh, you are so sweet! I'm just now sitting down and looking at blogs for the first time in a couple of weeks. We were so sad to say goodbye to you guys and miss you already! I've been so grateful that you reached out to me when we were brand new to Round Rock and didn't know anyone! I felt it was a blessing that you came along and that my little girl and I had friends at that time! We've enjoyed all of our time with you guys -- playing at the park, going for walks, swimming, but most of all just having someone to talk to and laugh with! We love you guys! :0)