Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thanks Jamie!

I have been wanting to get black-out curtains for my kid's rooms for a while now. Andrew's room, especially is really bright in the morning and I'm sure it helps on him waking up early and contributes to not napping as well either. Well, my step-mom, Jamie volunteered to make the curtains! I mailed her Lillian's curtains and she was going to look for something to go in the nursery since I just had a white valance in there. She ended up ordering the same sheet I have for his bed and finding some other cute fabric that matches the colors to make his curtains. Check them out:

I'm so impressed with how well these turned out knowing she didn't have anything to start from. You can see that the frogs on the lamp are the same as the ones on the curtain. So cute! They are great, Jamie! I love them!

Here is Lillian's room with her curtains hung...she had the curtains before, but now they are lined to make her room darker. They were more sheer before.

Going along with this, I've been working on organizing the toy room more now that our Christmas tree is down. Here is how it looks now. I like the idea of the kitchen more out so they can use the counter on it and it splits up the room nicely into play areas. Let me know what you think. It has been tough trying to find places to put things now with baby and kid toys. I want them where they can get to them to play, but some things just have to be on the shelf since we are running out of room.

Andrew news update: He has been extremely fussy lately and wasn't sleeping well and today napped about 3 hours total! I was worried he may be coming down with something, only to find out this evening feeling in his mouth that he got his matching molar on the left side of his mouth to the one he got a month back! That makes 10 teeth now!


Irene said...

the curtains look awesome. i like how you organized the playroom. it looks good.

Ashley said...

I like your rooms. I only wish our toy area was that organized. I think it looks great.

Crim said...

Love the curtains.

Poor Andrew I know that can be draining for both of you.

Katy Cade said...

I like the curtains!