Friday, January 2, 2009

Afternoon away from the kids

So, I finally got to get hair hair cut and high-lighted after many months. It is hard to get out without the kids working around Brandon being home. I had a nice afternoon visiting with my beautician whom I love! She has been doing my hair since my wedding. I told her if she ever leaves the place, I'll follow her! I'm still driving down from Round Rock to South Austin just to see her.

I got to spend my gift cards from Christmas. I have desperately needed new clothes since losing weight. I bought one pair of jeans and a few shirts to get by a few months ago, but was waiting for Christmas, so I got some good deals on sale today and was proud to find a dress that I love. I haven't bought a dress in about 5 years it seems! Now I need an occasion to wear it!

It was a good afternoon, but poor Brandon had two grumpy kids that wouldn't nap today for him. Andrew crawled right up to me and wanted me to hold him when I got home and Lillian came and gave me a kiss and hug without me even saying anything to her! I guess they did miss me! Needless to say, Brandon was happy to see me too!

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