Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Kids????!!!!

I'm getting things together today and packed for our kids to spend the weekend in Shiner with their grandparents and aunts and uncle. I'm so excited! Brandon and I haven't had a night away from both kids together since Lillian was born! Lillian stayed with my Mom after Andrew was born and Andrew has spent almost a week with the Koennings a few months back, but we have always had at least one of them here.

So, with our anniversary approaching next week, we finally were pleased to hear that the Koennings are taking the kids for the weekend while we go to San Antonio. We are staying on the river walk, relaxing, and going to the Spurs game Saturday night. Brandon is pumped a bout that because we haven't been to a Spurs game since I was pregnant with Lillian. We used to go to several games a year. Anyway, I just wanted to fill everyone in that didn't know that I will be away from the computer this weekend and sleeping in! I'll let you know how it goes!

Oh, and say a little prayer that my kiddos are good for their grandparents! It looks to be pretty weather on Saturday, so I'm sure they'll have a good visit.

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