Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

The kids had a great Valentine's Day! We got cards the day before from Grandma Teddy and they loved them! They play sound, so of course we listened to Andrew's Who Let the Dogs Out card a million times. Marjorie enjoyed eating her card! Valentine's Day started out well and the kids were excited about their parties at school. But around 11 am, they called me to pick up Lillian because she had a stomach bug. So she didn't get to stay for her party and I didn't have any pictures of her today, so I included yesterday's picture of her with her card from Grandma Teddy. I made it to Andrew's party though and he was excited to get a dog stuffed animal from his teacher, Mrs. Karen. Then we went home and he loved looking at all his Valentine's from his friends and all the goodies as well. Brandon was also under the weather today, so we had a low-key day at home. But we also got a package of goodies from Grandpa JD and Jamie that we will really enjoy too. We'll just have to wait for some healthier tummies around here before we attempt that! Thanks everyone for making our Valentine's day special. I'm hoping Lillian and Brandon recover soon and that I don't catch the bug! (Andrew had it over the weekend at Shiner). I really need to be healthy to have Andrew's birthday party on Friday!

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