Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Phillies Baseball begins

Baseball season has begun again! Lillian is a Phillie this year and had her first game this past Saturday morning. Although she is still learning, she seems to be doing much better than last year already. Grandpa JD and Jamie came in for the weekend to visit and see her play. After a rough start because she had to spend the first inning on the bench and didn't understand why, she finally got to hit the ball and she was happy and excited after that. She had her second game last night and she even fielded a ball and threw it to the base she was supposed to. I'm looking forward to seeing how she improves over the season.

The kids were happy to have Grandpa and Jamie visiting. They especially loved playing with Grandpa for a while, while Jamie, Marjorie, and I went to the fabric store looking for fabric for her to make me new curtains for my front window. I'm excited! We found some with colors that will look perfect in there. Thanks, Jamie for doing this for me!

After Grandpa and Jamie left on Sunday, we had a short amount of time before we had to be at Lillian's baseball opening ceremony. It was held at the Dell Diamond. Lillian got to walk out on the field with her team and then we watched a player throw out the opening pitch to the Round Rock Express mascot, Spike. It was a busy weekend.

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