Tuesday, February 14, 2012

7 months

Marjorie turned 7 months old this past Sunday. She is growing and learning every day! She is sitting up very well now, but has no interest in being on the go yet. I think she will be like her older siblings and wait until 9 or 10 months for that. She learned to use the straw sippy cup this month. I had tried the regular cup with her and she didn't really understand how it worked, but she seems to like the straw. She has a little water with each meal now. She has also seemed to develop the need to be entertained constantly. She does not like me to leave the room if she is in her exersaucer or go anywhere she can't see me. She would definitely prefer to be held too. I guess we are getting to that attachment age. I'm glad she is already used to going to the gym and the ladies in there or that would be a big issue right now. She also has been napping mostly just when her big brother and sister nap. She will get a tiny nap in the morning sometimes on the go,but usually just waits and takes a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. That is fine with me since it works with my schedule, but it makes for one really tired baby by bedtime and she even wants to go to bed earlier than I'd like some days. I can't really complain though. She is a very sweet and content baby!

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