Monday, September 19, 2011

Bobcat Football 2011

It is here again! Texas State Football time and the kids were very excited! We went to the home opener on Saturday against Tarleton State and it was a great game! We were very surprised to see all the people there too! We usually have a good crowd for the home opener, but this was way more people! It was the 3rd largest crowd ever at the stadium. I'm so glad we are finally building up a big fan base. With Texas State being such a large school, there is no reason the students shouldn't be there cheering on their team! Such a big change from when I was in school and you would see about 50 people it seemed on the student side! We are moving up next year to Division 1 into the WAC conference and the only downside is that although we are playing in the Southland conference this year, we aren't competing in it since we are moving up, so no chance for playoffs or anything this year. But it is still fun! The stadium is also really coming along as they are doing construction right now to bowl in the side of it that is off of the road (Aquarena Springs). Here's a picture of my future Bobcats and a few Jamie took at the game since I forgot my camera in the car! Dang it!

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