Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Among all the other things going on this past weekend, my dad's birthday was Saturday! So after the morning of baby shower festivities and going back to mom's to get the kids a nap and put my feet up (I didn't notice how much I had been on my feet all morning until I got there and they were aching!), we went to Nacogdoches to meet my dad for dinner at an Italian restaurant.

We had a great meal and visit with everyone, but our server was a little overwhelmed with our big table and our service was very slow! We waited and waited most of the time, but the food was still great. My sister, Katy's nephew on her husband's side, Jackson had to wait for everyone to get their food and then another 10 minutes before he got his kid's cheese pizza! It was sad! I had ordered my kids' food with the appetizers knowing how hungry they were and how long we had waited just on drinks.

Thanks for dinner, Dad! We had a nice time and it was great to see you! :)

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