Monday, January 10, 2011

A Celebration for Mom

Through her first and this 2nd round of cancer and treatments, my mom has been so lucky to have so many people that love her and support her. Her first time with breast cancer, she luckily had lots of sick time saved up through her job with the state, but used it all up with her treatments and surgeries. So when it came back a few months ago, that is all gone and she is having to miss lots of work for her surgery and now doctors visits and treatments.

When the word got out, the town came together and had a celebration for my mom this past weekend to help her get through this tough time. It was called Spa-getty for Teddy...since my mom's name is Teddy. We knew how loved my mom was, but didn't really see it until we came in to the party. It is indescribable how amazing it was too see so much of my hometown there to support her. She is very blessed and I'm so glad she has so many wonderful friends there for her when me and my sisters can't be. Thank you to Alto and all of these great people from the bottom of our hearts!

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