Sunday, December 27, 2009

Getting Settled

After traveling all around for Christmas, we are finally back and trying to get settled. With all the new Christmas gifts, it took me several days to get everything put away. We had to do some re-arranging and moving around, but the toys have a new home. The main part of helping me find places was moving a lot of the "girl" toys up to Lillian's room. She got a new Disney princess storage unit from my mom for Christmas, so I put it together and got all of her dress-up stuff organized in it. It is really cute and the perfect size for Lillian. She keeps wanting to go up and see her "new princess room." Tory got her a cute sign for her wall that says "Princess" so that completed it. I'm hoping once I get Andrew's new room complete and him moved in, that they will both play upstairs more. I like having the tv in the playroom for morning and evening, but one of my goals this year is to have them play more and not watch so much tv, so if there isn't one in their rooms, maybe they will get used to that.

Andrew got his super cute sports bedding from Dad and Jamie for Christmas as well, so I put it on his new bed and it looks great. Jamie is still working on the curtains, so after those are done and up, I'll post pictures. Plus, I want to get a storage unit for his room to move toys up there too. Andrew is also excited about his new "big boy" room. He looks so proud when I tell him that it is his. He loves his new pillows shaped like sports balls.

This morning, Lillian went up to play with her dress-up stuff and came down all decked out and so I decided to take a few pictures of her and Andrew to share:

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