Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas with the Pearman's 2009

We had Christmas with my Dad and Jamie on Friday night and Saturday morning. We got there that evening and had some chips and dips with the kids outside while Dad grilled up some burgers. The kids played with the leaves. Kind of looks like more of a fall picture than Christmas!

Then, Saturday morning, Santa had come and we had Christmas time. Lillian lined up all of her stocking stuffers and poor Andrew had Lillian's Dorothy wig tried on him!

Then on to opening gifts....The kids had a blast with that and then we got to show Grandpa JD his surprise gift from all of us.....2 seats from Texas Stadium we had made into a bench. He seemed to love that being that he is a huge Cowboy's fan.
The kids' favorite gifts, I think were Lillian's baby Snow White doll and Andrew's busy ball-popper! Thanks Dad and Jamie, we had a great time and love all the great gifts! I'll have to take a picture when we get Brandon's basketball goal up.

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