Friday, July 31, 2009

Fun Times

It was a long time coming! My sisters and I haven't done anything all together in a very long time. I can't even remember when. So, after a failed attempt last summer, we managed to plan a day this summer to go to Six Flags over Texas together. We were sure with it being July, we would burn up, but it was actually the perfect day to go! We went on a Thursday, so that helped on it not being as crowded and then there were rain showers all around with a big chance of rain there, so I'm sure some people may have changed their plans. It didn't rain on us all day! And the lines were not bad at all. We got on everything really quickly. We rode all the big ones besides the water rides. It was a great opportunity to visit and just hang out together. We need to do this more often! Love you, sisters!

My pictures aren't so great because I took them on my phone since I didn't want to carry my camera around all day. The first are us waiting on Batman, the ride.

Acting out: Whack a Mole!

Then, us and Heath Ledger....we wish!

Meanwhile, Grandpa JD and Jamie took the kids to a local indoor waterpark. They said the kids really had a good time and enjoyed splashing in the water. Lillian was still too scared to go down the slides, but had a fun time none-the-less. Thanks, Dad and Jamie for spending the day with them so I could enjoy my day with my sisters! I think we all had a great day!