Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rock'n R

Sunday afternoon, we headed out to try the local little water park with the kids. It has still be in the 100's and we thought the kids would love the water. Turns out, Lillian loved it! She was all over the place wanting to swim and slide. Andrew on the other hand, wanted to go back home. We got him out there to take a few pictures, but he laid on my chest the rest of the time. I think he got sunscreen in his eyes since he kept rubbing them and it just hurt and made him madder and madder. I'd definitely love to take Lillian again sometime if I had just her, but I know next summer, this will be lots of fun for both kids when Andrew is a little older and will enjoy it too.

Me, trying to get Andrew to like the water

He didn't know what to think about all the fountains!

Lillian didn't want to stand still to take a picture, she wanted to take it all in!

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