Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just me and the kids

This afternoon/evening will be a first for me and the kids. Brandon's job has him working evenings tonight and tomorrow night. It will happen again probably at least once a week from this time forward. As any parent can tell you, the fussiest time for kids is that couple of hours before bedtime. I'm trying to be optimistic, but am not looking forward to this evening.

I've tried to plan some outings the next couple of afternoons to at least get us out a little bit before we come home for dinner and bedtime. We'll see if that helps. Our mission today is to go shopping for Andrew some shorts to wear this weekend to the Tx State football game. We got him a little Tx State t-shirt, but the poor kid doesn't have any clothes! He just has onesies, so we are out to get him some pants this afternoon. Tomorrow, we are hitting up the big sale at Babies R Us to find Lillian a car booster seat. We have a $15 off coupon, so it is a good time to get that. Andrew will be needing to move up to Lillian's car seat in another month, so we are going to fix Lillian up with a little bigger seat for her to cruise in.

Well, as 5 p.m. comes around and until 7 when Andrew usually goes to bed, say some prayers for me! I hope things run smoothly. Brandon will be home around 11:30 and I'm sure 'll have been conked out for a while by then!


Beccalynn81 said...

Okay, I'm posting an update comment on my blog.

The afternoon wasn't too terrible. Andrew has been fussy because he has a little cold. He is coughing on and off. The search for his shorts was not fun. I went to Old Navy and they didn't have anything in his size. Then I went to the outlet mall to OshKosh because I had a coupon and they already just have fall/winter clothes. I stopped in Carters and another store with no luck as well. I was on my way out and saw Gap and thought I'd try one last place and I finally found some little gray shorts that will work and got him some jeans for when it gets cooler.

The kids were okay at first, but by the time we were leaving, they were screaming and screaming. I was happy to finally be home and once I put food in their mouths, they were okay.

I have also survived bathtime so far and have Andrew in bed. Lillian will be going soon. Then I may just go myself!

Crim said...

I totally understand except our fussy time starts at 4:00pm till 7:00pm and I am by myself the majority of the time with the 3 kids. Dave works late the majority of the week. I can set my watch to 4:00pm and then the chaos begins.
I don't even attempt to shop with the kids, you are brave on that one. I can take one at a time but that is my limit by myself.
I am glad you survived!

Jessica said...

I'm glad that you were able to find some shorts for Andrew! You are a brave woman for taking your kiddos on outings in the evenings by yourself! I can barely manage that with just one! Feel free to give me a call if you ever get lonely or stressed in the evenings!