Friday, August 22, 2008

Jealousy this early!

seems that every time we bring out one of Lillian's old toys for Andrew, she reverts back to being a baby and wants it again. Andrew has been LOVING his exersaucer and even learned to scoot it across the kitchen floor while in it. We figured it was time to bring out the walker so he could really go. Well I finally made time to stop by storage today and get it to bring it back home. Andrew loved it! He was scooting already. Well, as soon as he was out so I could feed him lunch, guess who was in it!? And of course she didn't have the sense to realize which was the front. I guess this is just the beginning of more and more to come.

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Crim said...

Oh Yes, I understand where you are coming from. Caleb found the babies' pacys and has started putting them in his mouth and saying he is a baby and wants to be rocked. You get through one stage then they revert back,who knew??