Friday, August 29, 2008

2nd Night without Daddy

We made it through the second evening with Brandon working the evening shift. I took the kids to Babies R Us because I had some really good coupons that started today. We got Lillian a new carseat! Andrew is around 20 lbs and almost outgrowing his carrier seat. I'm just waiting on him to master sitting on his own so I can sit him in a shopping cart if I need to and I will be moving him to Lillian's old carseat. He will be comfy in that! Meanwhile, I already put Lillian's new carseat in the car and she likes it. I strapped her in on the floor earlier to make sure I had the straps in the right place. This carseat works for 20-40 lbs with the straps and then can be used from 30-100 lbs as a booster with the car seatbelt. I thought it was the better option than buying another carseat and then having to buy 2 boosters later too. Here is Lillia and her carseat.

And she was actually more interested in the box:


Crim said...

Those carseats are a mess. I bet she likes her new big girl seat!!

Lauren said...

I'm glad you made it through. Call me if you ever need someone to talk to. I'm used to Keith being gone in the evenings when he's traveling.