Monday, August 27, 2012


My oldest baby girl left me today....well, she left me for 8 hours.  Our first child has gone off to Kindergarten!  Lillian has been jumping around about this day since the beginning of the year and I don't mean the school year.  She has been ready since January and she was still in preschool.  She has asked and asked when she would be going to the "big school." 

Finally last week, she was so happy to learn that we would go meet her teacher on Friday.  In Forest Creek Elementary, the teachers call the day before and let you know that you will be in their class.  So Thursday afternoon, I got a call from Mr. Whitfield telling me that he will be Lillian's teacher.  I was excited at first because I have heard everyone saying they wanted him for their child's teacher.  He is a 19 year Kindergarten teacher and also a singer/songwriter who plays guitar to his students in class to help them learn.  How awesome is that!?  Then I asked around to other parents about who their kids got and funny enough, the 3 kids I asked about were all going to be in the same class! Just not in Lillian's class. :( 

When we went to see Mr. Whitfield's classroom and meet him on Friday, I think Lillian became a little nervous.  Who was this "man teacher."  Where are all the pretty decorations on the wall you usually see in Kindergarten books?  Where are all my friends???  Lillian left clutching on to me and tearfully said she did not want to go to Kindergarten!

Brandon and I talked to her about it throughout the day and weekend and I think she was still anxious, but getting excited again to go.  I got things semi-ready last night for her big day and then found a cute idea online of taking her first day of school picture with chalk writing out on the sidewalk.  So I hurried outside and wrote out Kindergaten big for her to stand and sit by....did you notice what I forgot????  I didn't until my sister pointed it out after I took Lillian's picture.  No 2nd "r"!  That is what a not used to getting up early frazzled first day of kindergarten mom does!  So later I added an "r" in the pictures with the paint program!  It will have to do.  But not before some already noticed it and the first picture I posted of Lillian didn't show the "n" on the end, so Lillian was standing in front of "Kindergate."  Apparently this is a prison for kids or a political conspiracy. :)

After pictures, Brandon finally got up and we all walked Lillian over to school for her big day.  We made it through the crowd and got her in line with her class and she seemed okay as they walked in line towards their classroom.  We shall see!

How is Mom, you might ask?  Fine.  I did tear up a little when I saw other moms crying and for a minute when she was leaving, but no real waterworks!  I'm proud!  Andrew sure misses his sister though and thought when we were leaving for the gym at 9:20 that we were going to pick up Lillian then to come with us.  Oh, Andrew!  I know he will be ready to go back to Preschool when it starts next week.

My first baby girl is a Kindergartner! (at Kindergate! ha ha)

ready for school

with her teacher, Mr. Whitfield

Lillian with her buddy Quinn

after I added the "r"....facepalm!

walking to class

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