Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Nature Outing

We have been staying in quite a bit due to the summer heat and I get tired of taking them swimming on my own with Marjorie now crawling all over the place and she won't sit in a float, so it makes it a tough outing alone.  The kids are out of school for the month too, so I think they are getting tired of just me and going to the gym.  They miss getting out and doing things.  So this week I decided no matter the heat, we would head out to the park.  So One day we hit up the All Abilities park and were the only ones there!  Then yesterday I remembered Memorial Park and how it had quite a bit of shade, so we headed there. 

I love how this park feels like you are out in the country in nature when you are actually under the busiest highway...interstate 35.  Because we haven't had rain in quite a while now, the water wasn't very high and when we walked up on a boy and his mom with a net catching minnows and tadpoles, I told the kids it was okay if they walked around in the water too.  They had a blast!  They looked all around for tadpoles and fish and waded through from rock to rock.  I think Andrew would have stayed there all day!  But that part was in the sun of course and poor Marjorie was getting red in the face from the heat, so I made them come back to the other side and the playground after about 20 minutes or so. 

It was fun getting out and doing something different though!  I need to think of more places like this to get out and see these last few weeks of summer before they head back to school.

Andrew playing in the water

sweet baby toes

wading in the water

My sweet girl...getting so grown up

Marjorie sharing her goldfish

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