Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cooling Off in the Famous Pool

We have been trying to get together with some preschool buddies and to keep busy now that school is out for all of August.  Andrew goes back in September and Lillian goes in 4 weeks...the last week in August.  So we called up the Bodnar's.  Lillian was in class with Payton for a few years.  We've only gotten together with them once this summer, so we wanted to see if they would come swimming with us. Payton's mom, Sara told me about their summer bucket list of places they wanted to go in Austin.  So we planned a trip to the Barton Springs Pool!
All the kids on the Zilker train: Cael, Andrew, Payton, and Lillian

Andrew on the Zilker train
Me and my big kids in the Barton Springs pool

Having a fun snow cone break after we swam
Lillian and her buddy from preschool, Payton on the Zilker train
Next to the pool entrance is also the Zilker park train, which we haven't ever ridden before, so we decided to do this as well.  The kids loved riding it and especially the little tunnel you go under.

Then we had a picnic lunch while watching the people swimming in the pool.  They were very curious about this big pool!  For those that don't know, Barton Springs Pool is a spring fed pool and an Austin Landmark that has been here for years and years.  Because it is spring fed, it is very cool!  So when we went in, the kids were a little shocked by the cold water.  But they loved it and ended up going in pretty quick and going all around it.  It was a nice change from going to a regular swimming pool and the water doesn't feel so bad once you get used to it.  Luckily, Brandon was off work when we went, so he kept Marjorie home because I don't think she would have agreed about the water and we were flirting with nap time too, so she probably wouldn't have made it.

After the kids tired out, we went out and got snow cones and an ice cream for Payton.  Thanks so much to Sara who had extra cash since I used mine up on the train ride and pool entrance fees. We'll have to treat them next time! 

It was a fun day and with weather in the 100's now it was perfect for the Barton Springs pool!  We may have to go back!  I will for sure once Marjorie is bigger and can handle the water better!

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S. Walker said...

The "Me and my big kids in the Barton Springs pool" is a great pic. It would be ideal for a flyer I'm creating to advertise my services as a tutor. Is there any chance that you'd allow that? --S.W.