Saturday, August 6, 2011

We Are Making It!

I still haven't been on here too often. Life is too chaotic tending to the needs of all 3 kids! I can't believe it has almost been a month now since Marjorie was born! It has flown by! I'm just so thankful Brandon had lots of vacation time saved up so he could be home with us this long. He goes back to work on Monday and so will begin me making it on my own. I'm going to miss having him home for sure and I know the kids will too! They have loved every second of spending more time with their daddy. They have kept him busy!

Marjorie has been growing up a storm and she should be for all that she eats! She sure does love her bottle! She was 9 pounds on Tuesday when Brandon weighed her on her 3 week birthday. I'm curious to see what she weighs now, but will probably weigh her on Tuesday again. She had a rough almost week of crying and crying all day which we thought was colic at first, but then figured out she has a little acid reflux, so with her medication for that, she has been a lot better! She is now sleeping more and crying a lot less! She fell asleep early last night and we forgot to give her the medicine and she was up screaming at 1 in the morning, so we won't make that mistake again! Poor baby!

She is a sweetie-pie that loves to snuggle and getting attached to her momma already, it seems. Everyone comments all the time about how alert she is. She really is! When she is awake, she is very bright-eyed and looking all around. She is interested in everything and I think would be asking us a million questions if she could. I'm very curious to see how much she changes in this coming month as she develops more personality. I'm eagerly awaiting those first smiles and giggles! :)

Here are some pictures to share from the past couple of weeks:

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